Thursday, March 29, 2012

awkward and awesome thursday.

jeans: j. crew, button-up: j. crew factory, sweater: j. crew, necklace: j. crew, shoes: aldo, watch: fossil

- Hefting my suitcase above heads into the overhead compartment. Oh no, I don't need help. Just sit there in your comfy seat and watch me struggle.
- Boarding the shuttle that takes you to the international airport. One other lady boards after and where does she sit? Right next to me. Practically on top of me. There were 15 other seats to choose from lady! I counted.
- Spending one whole week in Maui doing nothing but relaxing! And with my grandparents, some of my very most favorite people.
Finishing three days of work and it's only Thursday! Hello four day weekend!
- Listening to the same song over and over a total of a bajillion times. It's very catchy. But I'm not telling what it is. I'm embarrassed.
- It's Thursday! The sun is shining!


Barbara said...

Yes it is Thursday, the sun is shinning here too, papa is golfing and I am going to read a book down by the sea. Life is Good. Love and hugs!

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