Friday, February 3, 2012

valentine printables

She does it again folks! My lovely sister blows me away with her hidden talent. Watercoloring? Who knew? Because I love you, and because my sister loves me more, we're giving away these hand drawn and watercolored Valentine's Day cards for you to print off. Simply print them off, cut them in half the hamburger way and then fold them. But there's a catch... there's always a catch. You have to click that little "join this site" button to the left. That's all! Happy LOVE Day! And happy birthday to my padre!

click here to download

click here to download

click here to download


Kate said...

So Cute!!! I always new I had 3 talented girls.

Jody said...

Emily I love these cards. Thanks for sharing Hugs JodyWalunas

Mandy said...

Cute! thanks Emmie!

Toni rosello calzada said...

I love it. Simple, beautiful and elegant. thanks

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