Friday, December 23, 2011

guest post // holiday traditions, by kate

Kate is here from see kate sew to share one of her sweet little family's holiday traditions. Kate and I were roommates our sophomore year of college. She's long since moved away, but we've remained friends and I force her to guest post on my blog every once in a while. Thanks Kate!

Hi emily k fans! I'm kate from see kate sew! This is our first year celebrating the Christmas season as a little family (and not traveling at parents' or in-laws'). So we wanted to keep some of the traditions we were raised with and also make up some new ones. We wrote down 12 activities to do in December and called it the 12 days of Christmas. 

On day eight, we started a new tradition and went downtown. I love downtowns at Christmastime! No matter what downtown it is, they always seem to be quaint and beautiful. The lights, the energy, the shopping, I love it all!

I decided this tradition is a keeper! You can read the rest of the 12 days here. Thanks for having me Emily!


kate said...

I don't know if forced is the right word, lol. thanks for having me emily!!

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