Thursday, November 17, 2011

awkward and awesome thursday

A couple of photos taken on my last trip to Oregon for your viewing pleasure.

-The immense struggle I went through to open the front door after someone knocks. Both locks are locked and I try various combinations for what feels like an eternity before I ask the nice boy sitting on my couch to help. A bachelors degree and I can't even open a door. I apologize to the visitor for not being able to open the door and he replies, "I'm sorry you struggled." Ouch.
- My roommate saying thank you for washing her bread pan. The nurse in me heard, "Thanks for washing my bed pan." 

- Three days off in a row. I got a little bored but it was still a good break.
- My sweet sweet nephew falling asleep on my chest. He sighs, his mouth wide open, and I melt. Like butter.
- You might be tired of me bragging that I'm going home soon, but I'm going home soon. In 9 days.


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