Friday, May 27, 2011

boys. boys. boys.

Today I was reminded of why I like boys so much. Because they're just so darn fun!

I babysat one of my favorite group of boys today. We played and laughed the whole time. No joke. There may have been a few meltdowns when someone lost a game of baseball on the wii, but we worked it out and kept right on having fun! I'll introduce you to three of the five boys. The older two were at school today so it was just me and the three little ones.

Introducing Luke. Or Lukers. He's two and he's loving toddlerhood.

Next up is Cole. Or Coley. He's three. 

 Here's Cole's professional baseball pitch. You think his leg could get any higher? He did this every single time he pitched. Loved it! I couldn't stop laughing it was so cute.
Don't be fooled by this sweet face though. When he gets into wii mode, his competitiveness comes out. He starts saying things like, "You wanna piece a me?"
I made the mistake of letting Luke color in Cole's notebook. When Cole saw it he gasped and said, "Don't let Luke color in this ok? If you do, I'm gonna...I'm gonna westle (wrestle) you! And my muscles are weawy (really) stwong (strong)!"

And last, but not least is Bo. He's five and very competitive.

 His favorite smack talk is, "I'm gonna school you!"

All together now!

I put the camera on a ten second timer to get a photo of me with them. Bo was the only one who understood that the camera was going to take a picture without me behind it. The others were a little confused so we tried it again.

They caught on real quick!

I've made up my mind! It's a done deal. I would be totally fine having all boys in my future!


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