Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

There's another blog that I read that started recording awkward and awesome things that happened to her throughout the week. I thought maybe I would give it a shot because working at the mall definitely has its interesting moments.

- I work at the mall and therefore I have to use a public restroom every day. ew. I avoid public restrooms like the plague. (On a side note, when I was in grade school, I hated using the school restroom so much that I would hold it all day long. The bus dropped us off at the top of our lane and my siblings and I would run the quarter of a mile home holding our crotch because we had to pee so badly. Sometimes we'd break down and use the woods by our house or in my sister's case, just stand in the back yard ten feet from the house and pee her pants! I hope she doesn't kill me for sharing that story.) Back to my original story though. On one of my dreaded trips to the restroom, there was a lot of grunting and heavy breathing coming from a few stalls down. I hurried and tinkled so I could get the heck out of the awkwardness. While I was washing my hands, the tiniest littlest oldest Chinese woman exited the stall from which the sounds were coming from. Oh dear. I smiled and ran out before I started laughing.
- I read a lot of books at work. There's lots of down time so I usually finish two or three books a week. I was reading a book called "Courting Miss Amsel". I repeat "Courting Miss Amsel". It's definitely a girl book. A rather large boy with baggy pants and an oversize tshirt that looked to be about 19 stopped and asked me what book I was reading. When I showed him the cover he said, "Oh yeah. I've read that. It's good." I played it cool and said thanks for the info but I was shocked that he had actually read it!
- Having a boy ask to hang out sometime and then finding out that he's married and his wife is seven months pregnant!
- Seeing the bum crack of a motorcycle dude on the freeway.
- Sweaty armpits when you're so cold you're shivering. What's up with that?

- Going home to Oregon in one week to spend two months with my family!
- Making and eating fabulous fajitas.
- Watching "Secretariat". Good movie.
- Talking to miss Jordan on the phone. She's eight.
- Applying for an ICU nurse internship at the University of Utah Hospital. Wish me luck!


Alysha said...

So funny on so many levels.
The bathroom thing must run in the family, because I have the same problem.
Where does the guy work that is hitting on you with a pregnant wife at home? I may need to pay him a visit.
Off topic question for you. Could I get your carrot cake recipe?
Also, I need to pay you for the booties before you go home.
I am excited that you are going home, but sad that you can't join us for Easter this year. We will miss you! Sorry for the random comment.

Jessica said...

How embarrassing that Danielle did that!! :)

Danigirl said...

Haha I'm so glad that post wasn't about me. I'm pretty sure that was Jessica that couldn't make it. I ran fast enough I always made it. :)

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